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Plant Description


The power station was implemented in two phases. The first phase included the installation of 11 gas engines DEUTZ TBG 620 V16 with each engine’s power 1.26 MW and aimed at utilization of biogas from the old (uncontrolled) landfill and the Sanitary Landfill 1 in Ano Liosia region.

The operation of the first phase began in March 2001. In 2005, with the potential use of biogas from the Sanitary Landfill landfills 2 also in Ano Liosia, the station expanded by 9.7 MW with the installation of 4 gas engines GE Jenbacher JGC 620, 2,43 MW each.

The station with total installed capacity of 23.5 MW consumes about 12,000 m3 / h of biogas which is pumped and driven to the station through a network of vertical and horizontal pipes. The biogas prior entering gas engines is treated through cooling and dehumidification process according the engines’ specifications. Moreover the recoverable heat from the new engines can be utilized in the evaporators of the nearby leachate treatment plant which is owned by Attica Waste Management Association.